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Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Class

Chalk Paint Class (1 of 11)

I spent last evening attending and immensely enjoying an Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® class at Salvage Designs. I am new to the Annie Sloan world and became delighted at the endless combinations and possibilities her paint, wax, brushes and other amenities hold.!

Chalk Paint Class (3 of 11)

Is Annie Sloan also new to you? Let me share a snippet of info from the handy tip sheet I received at the end of the art class:

“No priming, no sanding? Really. Chalk Paint® adheres to almost any surface, indoors or out- and there’s rarely any need to sand or prime before painting. Just get stuck into the fun bit: amazing results that are easy to achieve.”

Chalk Paint Class (2 of 11)

(The beginning.)

Chalk Paint Class (5 of 11)

(Lots of distressing and painting and waxing going on!)

We messed around with techniques such as vintage, two color processing, rustic, and smooth modern finish. We tried out a clear wax and a dark wax. I couldn’t believe how much the color and texture morphed after applying either of the waxes! The color pallet of Annie Sloan is scrumptious. I could have played well into the night experimenting with every hue! I found myself in the company of many wonderful ladies enthused about DIY craftiness and we burned through our two hour class while Kate and Vanessa ably instructed our group straight into paint euphoria!

Chalk Paint Class (4 of 11)

Chalk Paint Class (6 of 11)

Chalk Paint Class (10 of 11)

This paint is not relegated to just sprucing up old furniture and scraps of wood. Oh no- it is meant for so much more! It can be applied on indoor and outdoor walls (you don’t use the wax finish outdoors), garden furniture, metal, concrete, cabinets, floors. Stretch your imagination! The quarts of paint cover the same distance as a regular gallon of paint. I found Annie’s brushes superior to any I’ve used in my artsy endeavors.

Chalk Paint Class (7 of 11)

(This was Duck Egg Blue to begin with and is now coated with Old White.)

Chalk Paint Class (8 of 11)

(A clear wax is added and then distressing with sandpaper and a rough sponge.)

Chalk Paint Class (9 of 11)

(Dark wax is added and then buffed for a lovely vintage and almost metallic look.)

The Billings area Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® Stockist is Salvage Designs. They are ready to supply you with all the line’s colors including brushes, waxes, Annie Sloan instruction books, and even fabric! Check their Facebook page for upcoming classes. They will slowly be adding more classes at time allows. Currently they are very busy with custom projects and the holiday season! I feel lucky to have jumped in on this session!

Chalk Paint Class (11 of 11)

My four finishes!

Moving clockwise:

1) 1st color: Napolenic Blue; stain/wash technique; clear wax treatment; 2nd color: Chateau Grey; distressing

2) 1st color: Coco; 2nd color: Graphite; distressing; dark wax treatment

3) 1st color: Arles; clear wax treatment; dark wax treatment; distressing (with sandpaper and a rough sponge)

4) 1st color: Duck Egg Blue; 2nd color: Old White; clear wax treatment; dark wax treatment; distressing

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  1. cathy stevens #

    Jodie thanks again for the ad you are soooo talented. Stay in touch and I may be needing your services again later!:) Kate Stevens

    Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2013 03:56:31 +0000 To:

    November 24, 2013

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